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Exciting (life changing) news!

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Wow. I can't believe we're in to the second week of January already. I guess the headline news over Christmas (which seems like a distant memory now) is that I got engaged! Me and my fiancé (oh my goodness still getting used to that) have been together and lived together for a long time and the reactions from our families and friends was a resounding 'about blumin' time!'

It's something we've always talked about and it was always on the cards but as we've lived together for so long.. well we're making it official. I always wanted to get married before kids came along, the whole idea seams much more romantic and wholesome and all having the same last name... although that isn't what makes a family work for sure. And not that i'm in any way ready for kids just yet!

A wedding, although extremely exciting, also brings anxieties of fractured families colliding, financial pressures and the time needed to devote to the whole thing. I mean, I barely have time to shave my legs, how am I going to find time to plan a wedding?? Especially as I plan to DIY a lot of it. I'm even considered making my own dress, not that i'm not going to go dress shopping, just try and stop me! But expensive taste and a modest budget don't make for the best combo. So forgive me if my blog and insta feed gets a bit wedding-y over the next several months. But I do plan on sharing my DIY's including some cute geometric terrariums and other cute bits and pieces. I am a maker and that's what I do. 

The cake I made for my cousins wedding last year. (possibly the most beautiful wedding ever)

PS. How stunning is this ring?? How did I get so lucky. 


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