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NEW PATTERN ALERT: The Frankie Panties

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This pattern was a huge undertaking. It is by far my most versatile pattern to date, with over 40 combinations of wide stretch lace, narrow stretch lace, fabric and elastics creating so many variations with one pattern and all with full instruction!

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This one pattern has felt like a whole collection of patterns but it didn't start out like that. I post a lot of my designs on social media through my design process, long before the pattern is released and initially the pattern was only going to be what is now style 1 & 2.

Frankie Panties Style 1

Frankie Panties Style 2

 After seeing that another lingerie designer was planning to release a pattern with the same two views as my design (one of life's coincidences I'm sure) I decided to add a few more styles... and then couldn't stop myself! My ideas ran away with me and what was meant to be a simple pantie pattern turned into a monster pantie pattern with over 40 (I stopped counting at 40!) ways to sew them up. It has a real mix and match feel to it with options for making these panties completely your own.

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There is 8 'styles' or 'views' with start to finish instructions which makes them super easy to follow. No jumping around from point to point for similar styles which makes this pattern really suitable for beginners and people looking to advance their lingerie making skills. 

Frankie Panties Style 5


Frankie Panties Style 7

On top of the 8 styles there is 2 lace overlays which can be used with any of the 8 styles. These can be used in combinations with or without the crotch in lace too and also with the fabric cut away behind the lace which just creates endless possibilities, all with full instruction! This is a great way to get creative while still having the support from full colour image instructions. 

Frankie panties. Style 2: Lace Detail 1

Check out a review of this pattern here by Ying from Tailor Made Shop and these beauties she created!

Ying's Frankie Panties

This pattern really got my creative juices flowing and gave me a whole new vista of possibilities for all my upcoming patterns! I hope you love and enjoy this pattern as much as I have done creating it.

Happy Sewing!  xo


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