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NEW PATTERN // The Mighty Sports Bra

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I’m so excited to finally be releasing my first activewear pattern! The MIGHTY Sports Bra.




I named this bra ‘Mighty’ after how it made me feel while I was wearing it. Who doesn’t want to feel powerful and strong when they’re working out?! As a person on the petite side I’ve always loved the phrase ‘small but mighty’ and that’s what came to mind when I tried my first sample of this style on. It had the additional waist strap and Black mesh overlays and it just looked fierce AF.






I’ve been on a bit of a health and fitness kick recently which initially inspired this sports bra pattern. I’ve lost 12 lbs while testing out all my samples! My cup size is now a 30E (difference of 6” between my under bust and full bust measurements). The bra works by compressing the chest to hold your breasts in place. There will still be some movement for larger cup sizes due to the stretch fabric required for getting the bra off and on and being able to move comfortably while wearing the bra. Personally I have run in this bra, however it may not be suitable during a high intensity work out for larger cup sizes if you like absolutely no movement at all. This is just the first of my activewear patterns I have planned for the future, so maybe that’ll be my next challenge!




The amount of support your sports bra offers will ultimately come down to your fabric choices. Using a thin fabric with a lot of stretch will not offer a lot of support. Using a firmer fabric with less give will be a lot more supportive. Fabric with 20-30% stretch is ideal but you can size up or down if your fabric has less or more stretch than this. The pattern informations goes into more detail about what to look for in your fabrics and supplies. The pattern is to fit 76-115 cm (30-45") full bust.





As always there are a few interchangeable, optional details you can combine to sew your Mighty. The wrap around strap, while not fundamental to the function of the bra give the style an edgy vibe and the mesh overlays provide a little extra support (depending on the fabrics you choose to make them with) and give this bra a really unique look. There are also options for including a back closure. Have you ever been so exhausted after a workout that you can’t even take off your bra?! I know I have… so the back closure option allows you to take your bra off with no additional exercise/contortion needed. 





This design just fell out of my head like it had always been there. I love it when a design comes easily, it’s not always the case! Patterns like my Ember tanga panties took daaaaays of doodling, agonising over small details, working out how all the elements I wanted to include could mix and match together while not over complicating things… and that was all before I started sewing anything! That pattern is one I am most proud of. It’s the definition of what I aim for when designing new patterns. Mix and match details and pattern pieces so you can build your own style and have alllll the options. From a basic beginner style to a more advanced or daring style… I think I’ve gone off on a tangent here! 

Anyway… I hope you love The Mighty Sports Bra as much as I have enjoyed designing, sewing and working out in it. I can’t wait to see all your gorgeous makes so don’t forget to tag me! 

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You can purchase the pattern here.


Thanks for reading and all your support so far for this pattern!



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