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Maker Style Podcast Interview

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You know some days you just feel like your winning at life? Today is one of those days. This Podcast interview kicks off a few of the upcoming things (in my business life) that makes me feel like what I have created is a success. My little business has gone from some thing that I fill my time with in the spare room of my house to a genuine business that supports myself and reaches far more people than I ever though possible, in such a short period of time. 

I'm a huge podcast fan. When Rachel from the Maker Style podcast contacted me I was so excited as I was already a fan of the podcast. I have many podcasts I listen to to help me get to sleep at night but the Maker Style is not one of them. That I reserve for my sewing room where I can give it my fullest attention! 

I don't suffer with anxiety (any more than the next person at least) but nervs about specific things like presentations/public speaking is something i've never been able to get a handle on. I guess it all comes down to confidence in your own ability and being afraid of looking stupid. Something I do without too much assistance! But chatting with Rachel about my all time favourite thing; lingerie making, was so much fun and I was instantly at ease. She has so many inspiring and great people on her show and being able to listen to their stories and opinions on certain things in this industry is a real treat. Thank you Rachel!

In the podcast we talk about my 10 frequently asked questions all about making lingerie. We talk about all sorts of things from equipment/machines to use to where to get great lingerie supplies from. You can listen to the podcast here 

I hope you enjoy it and if you are new to lingerie making that you find it useful!



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